Westering Home

Westering Home and a Song in the Air…

Westering Home is a song written by Sir Hugh Stevenson Robertson in the 1920s. Sir Hugh was a Scottish Composer and Britain’s leading choral-master.  The song refers to an island that makes up the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, the Isle of Islay, known as the “Queen of the Hebrides.” With a population of just under four thousand people, it’s likely many citizens of the world, let alone America, would never have heard of the island without Sir Hugh’s charming tribute. Several artists have performed this song over the years, including Celtic Women, but I first heard the tune performed by a group called The Corries, and their rendition of it is the one I like best. No one has stirred my heart more for my Scottish roots than the Corries’ Roy Williamson and Ronnie Browne, whose performances were graceful in simplicity, and fierce in patriotism.

Why do I quote this song, of all songs, here on my American-born website?

Because Westering Home is a beautiful, hopeful song with a carefree sort of cadence. It captures best how I feel about my own home, and yet it still inspires me to sail beyond that which I know, to discover treasures in other worlds, if only so I can return to the warm embrace of a joyful homecoming.

Much like the feeling I have when I’ve read a good book. Even more like the feeling I have while I write. I can endanger my heroes, save my lads and lassies fair from fates worse than death,  drive their evil tormentors to the ends of the earth, and return home safe and sound.

Hi, my name is Shelton Keys Dunning. Thank you for stopping by. Stay a while, have a cup of tea, and (shameless plug warning) buy a book or two. Welcome home!