Brand New City, Brand New Life

Six months ago I relocated from sunny Southern California to even sunnier Southern Nevada. I’m having difficulty settling in, as I’m allergic to half of the things that grow out here in the desert, and I am more than a little intolerant of heat. The sun may bring light and cheer to people all the world round, but for me, it makes me miserable and tired.

But my husband wanted to try this place, and so here I am. He loves it here. I…I love that he loves it here. He’s my opposite: extroverted, an early riser, and he lives for the sun. All traits I am envious of.

So in the process of looking for a paying career, I realized I have neglected my writing and publishing works for–gulp–close to four years now? Has it really been that long? So many things have happened, and yet none of them being writing.

I aim to change that.

Stay tuned. Snippets of stories will be happening here.

Published by

shelton keys dunning

Shelton Keys Dunning has been passionate about reading and writing since she knew words existed, loving the escape from reality that both afford. In her spare time, she knits poorly, takes out-of-focus pictures, runs from spiders, and grows weeds in the dirt. Her husband laughs at and with her every chance he gets. Together they live with a tortoise-shell cat named Whiskey, and dream impossible dreams.

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