And now to say Hello…Again.

We all have these moments. At least, I hope we all have these moments and that I’m not the only one. The moments that define the next steps in life’s journey. That fork in the road where dead poets would point the path less traveled or dead presidents would say “Go West.” Thing is, there are no “less traveled” paths anymore, nor is there a true West to strike out for. But we still get these moments where the present seems a bit…lackluster, for want of a better word. Or redundant. The same old same.

My moment told me to get a new home on the world-wide cloudscape. So here I am, discovering WordPress as if I had never encountered it before, debating how detailed or how often I want to blog. My editor and life-coach in all things technical assures me that I need to establish a newsletter. I need to collect emails to have an audience for that newsletter. And so I gave it some thought and the place I was at I feel isn’t conducive to the place I should be…I’m sorry. I tend to wax the words fantastic when “moments” occur in my life.

I am overwhelmed and daunted, as out of my element as a mermaid in a space suit.

Let’s start again shall we?


Hello World! My name is Shelton Keys Dunning. I am a proud member of the Western Band of Cherokees, a wife, a writer, a publisher, and a professional genealogist. I have an unhealthy obsession with family trees, Mike Rowe, and yarn, of all things. I’m in the publishing industry because I actively seek characters that drive stories, whether those stories are fictional or historical or even a combination of the two. When I can’t find the story I want to read, I write it.

It’s very nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by. You are welcome anytime.